Monday, June 23, 2008

NRF Preschool VBS & D6 Family Boot Camp

Yee Haw!

The kids had a blast at the Parker County Rodeo!

Nadine & Melanie... look out cowboys! Waylan's always with the ladies!
Lucy... nough said!
The Gang!

End of the Year Parties

Dad even came for this one!

Nadine's 1st grade group had loads of fun too. They had obsticle courses, sponge passing, musical chairs and lots more!

Elvis T. at Mortypoloza!

The girls and I went to a birthday party for our friends Morty and Jer'Leigh. Elvis T. Busboy and the Texas Blues Butchers played while my girls and Elvis' girls danced the night away!


Lucy and Kaleo love to have "Princess Snacks" in the playroom. We make heart shaped pb & j sandwiches, strawberries and applesauce! Truly a meal fit for a Princess!

And after a long hard day with your BFF, there's nothing better than a nap with your favorite "calipiter"!